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SBE WANADAPT-C4T1E1 SBEI T1 E1 PCI Ethernet Interface Card PM4351-R1 Quad 4port

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PCI Quad-Port Ethernet NIC Interface Card
made in US by SBE  Inc in 2002
PMC Comet PM4351-R1
Pulse T1137
Mindspeed CN8474AEBG  28477-18
with JTAG and BYTEBLASTER header connectors

USED but in good condition.  WORKING.

Just the card, no documentation, no software, no cables.

SBE, a leading supplier of high performance OEM communications solutions, announced a PCI version of its popular wanPMC-C4T1E1 adapter card. Three versions include single, dual, and quad port options as wanADAPT-C1T1E1, wanADAPT-C2T1E1, and wanADAPT-C4T1E1. This adapter was a result of customer demand for powerful T1 or E1 links in a Linux server or router.

Channelized adapters provide TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) that is required for connecting to the PSTN. Channelizing subdivides the available bandwidth into smaller units (24 channels for T1 and 32 channels for E1) and multiplexes voice and data payload for more cost effective use of T1 or E1 phone lines. SBE's powerful designs include additional CSU/DSU functionality - and bypass costly external channel banks or CSU modem banks when connecting to a Class 5 switch.

"There is a technology consolidation happening between the carrier and the edge of the networks today," said Dan Grey, senior vice president of sales and marketing for SBE. "Increased density and flexibility are requirements for corporate spending, and there is an international movement deploying Linux operating systems in embedded and enterprise applications. SBE is committed to providing Open Source drivers for its entire line of interface adapters."

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