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PCCHIPS 486 Motherboard 8 ISA A19920901 1992 ahead

PCCHIPS 486 Motherboard 8 ISA A19920901 1992 ahead

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Vintage Motherboard

Baby-AT form Factor, Full-length

Eight Slots - Seven 16-bit ISA slots and one 8-bit ISA slot

Made in 1992

ased on the PCchips chipset

Sixteen 30-pin RAM slots - comes with 16MB RAM

Just the motherboard, no cables, no manual, no software.

BIOS ID:  40-0100-ZZ1347-00101111-070791-PC CHIP-8 
Yeah, there really is a space between the two "C"s
This is the first BIOS ID string that I've ever seen with a space in it.
And, there is no mistake, it is 1347, not 1437.  Most PCCHIPS have a 1437 but not this one.

Upon booting the following is displayed:  ROM BIOS AMI  319-2

Comes with some Cache and 16MB RAM and a 486DX-33 CPU to run right out of the box. 

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