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P4PE/GE Motherboard User Guide ASUS Support CD Intel 845 Reference Card

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P4PE Motherboard

User Guide + Support CD

Guide : P4PE User Guide ASUS  15-06324300

CD :  P4PE/GE Series Motherboard
Intel 845 PE/GE Chipset Series Support CD Rev.40.01

Extras !! : A large sticker with P4PE Motherboard Settings,
also a Quick Reference Card (piece of paper),
and a "Powered by ASUS" sticker for the front of your computer

Comes with : Manual and CD
 Volume in drive D is 845PE_GE
 Volume Serial Number is BE80-C277

 Directory of D:\

09/10/2002  11:54p                  52 AUTORUN.INF
08/29/2002  12:59a      <DIR>          Bin
08/29/2002  01:00a      <DIR>          Drivers
09/18/2002  03:52a               3,509 FILELIST.TXT
09/04/2002  06:08a      <DIR>          Software
08/17/1999  10:56p               1,761 TECHSUPP.TXT
09/10/2002  11:42p               3,638 asus.ico
03/22/2002  07:18a              73,187 b57nt4.sys
08/30/2002  05:11p              53,124 bcm4sbe4.sys
               6 File(s)        135,271 bytes
               3 Dir(s)               0 bytes free


File list for the included support software for 845PE_GE series motherboard
File Name           Description
     -SoundMAX      -SoundMAX Audio Driver version

     -IAA        -Intel Application Accelerator V2.2 Production Version.
     -Inf        -Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility V4.04.1007.

   -Display         -Intel(R) Brookdale-G Chipset Graphics Driver 11.3 Production Version
       -Win2k_xp    -Windows 2000/XP Driver V6.13.01.3205.
       -Win9x        -Windows 95/98/98SE/ME Driver V4.13.01.3205.
       -Winnt4        -Windows NT 4.0 Driver V4.03.1381.3205.

     -4401          -Broadcom 4401 Fast Ethernet Controller Driver RELEASE 6.5.2.
     -5702          -Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Software for the
                     BCM5702 NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Adapter RELEASE 5.5.7.

     -NT4        -Microsoft Windows NT miniport driver
     -Win2000       -Microsoft Windows 2000 miniport driver
     -98            -Microsoft Windows 98 miniport driver
     -WinXP         -Microsoft Windows XP miniport driver

     -2K            -USB 2.0 Driver for Windows 2000.
     -XP            -USB 2.0 Driver for Windows XP.

   -3Deep        -E-Color 3Deep.

   -Acrobat        -Adobe Acrobat Reader V5.0.

     -Readme.txt    -Information on how to use the AFlash BIOS utility V2.12.
     -Aflash.exe    -Utility to update the motherboard's flash BIOS.

     -Setup.exe     -ASUS Update V3.34.02 Install Program for Windows 95/98/NT40/ME/2000/XP.

   -DirectX        -Microsoft DirectX 8.1 Runtime library.

   -LOGO        -Default Logo Bitmaps.
     -256        -256 Colors Bitmap.

   -PAM             -Promise Array Management Version 3.2.1 Build 3.

   -PCCillin        -PC-Cillin 2002 (Anti-Virus) Application.
     -Manual        -PDF format user manual.
     -Setup        -Setup program.

     -Setup.exe     -ASUS PC Probe V2.18.01 Install Program for Windows 95/98/NT40/ME/2000/XP.

   -ScrnSavr        -ASUS Features Screen Saver.

   -VEdit        -Winbond Voice Editor.

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