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ORIGINAL VERSION 1 - Borland Quattro Pro 1989 for IBM PC/XT/DOS vintage software

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Quattro Pro - Version One !!!
ONE  #1  ONE  #1  FIRST ONE !!!  1.0  ONE  #1
!!  RARE --- Never anymore seen in captivity !!
For DOS,  even for DOS 2.0
Complete with all documents and unused registration card
and with keyboard template for 81-key type IBM PC/XT and PC/AT keyboards
the box is a bit shelf-worn but the contents are like new.
no rips, no water damage, no writing, no odor
comes with 'VROOMM', Object Oriented Memory Manager
Contains eight original 360K  5 1
/4 inch diskettes

FROM THE WEB:   Quattro Pro shipped in the final quarter of 1989. The Borland main office was near the epicenter of the Loma Prieta earthquake and the building was severely damaged when large and heavy air conditioners on the roof of Borland's main building were thrown upward by the quake, and came crashing down upon the glulam beams running across the top of the building. The beams were damaged to the point where they required injections of epoxy in order to make them sturdy enough to support the building, once again. In addition, the sprinkler system was triggered. The building was closed for months. All the computers were removed, placed on the tennis courts, washed down (acoustic ceilings rained gray mush onto everything when the sprinklers ran) and dried with hair dryers. Those that booted up were put to work. Quattro Pro finished final quality assurance testing and was sent to manufacturing from those computers running on the tennis courts in the (fortunately) sunny and dry autumn weather.

This is what the first disk looks like:

 Volume in drive B is QUATTRO1  
 Directory of  B:\

QUATTRO1          256  10-17-89   5:03p
INSTALL  EXE    81652  10-17-89   5:03p
README   COM     4217  10-17-89   5:03p
README          21734  10-17-89   5:03p
123      RF      1448  10-17-89   5:03p
Q123     BAT       19  10-17-89   5:03p
POSTSCRP BGI    10640  10-17-89   5:03p
SCREENS  BGI    36088  10-17-89   5:03p
PREAMBLE BGI    13646  10-17-89   5:03p
PRINTERS BGI    32926  10-17-89   5:03p
KERNEL   BGI    27959  10-17-89   5:03p
SSROMAN8 BGI     6663  10-17-89   5:03p
LASERJET BGI    41785  10-17-89   5:03p
SSASCII  BGI     2737  10-17-89   5:03p
FONTS    BGI     1858  10-17-89   5:03p
TRIP     CHR    16677  10-17-89   5:03p
LCOM     CHR    12083  10-17-89   5:03p
TSCR     CHR    17355  10-17-89   5:03p
SCRI     CHR    10987  10-17-89   5:03p
LITT     CHR     5167  10-17-89   5:03p
       20 File(s)      5120 bytes free

             WELCOME TO QUATTRO PRO 1.0
    This file contains important information that is not contained in
    the documentation for QUATTRO PRO.    Please read it in its entirety.
    All information in this file supersedes information in the QUATTRO
    PRO documentation.

Table of Contents
     1.  Installation
     2.  How to Contact Technical Support
     3.  Using Extended Memory for VROOMM Object Caching
     4.  Notes on Spreadsheet Printing
     5.  Notes on Printing to a PostScript Printer
     6.  Color Mapping for Plotters
     7.  Bitstream Fonts: New in QUATTRO PRO
     8.  Testing Your Expanded Memory Specification: EMSTEST.COM
     9.  Notes on Sample Clip Art
    10.  Using Mouse Drivers with EGA and VGA Graphics Modes
    11.  Files on Disk (5.25")

1.  Installation
To install QUATTRO PRO on your hard disk:
    - Place Disk 1 in drive A.
    - Type    A:INSTALL and press ENTER.
    - Follow the directions displayed on the screen.
    - Type Q to load the program.

If you have difficulty reading the text displayed by the Install
program, use the optional command line parameter, /B to force
install to use black and white colors.    Type

         A:INSTALL /B<ENTER>

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