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Motherboard Pentium Socket7 BCM SQ594 200MHz 430VX 437VX W83877F 168pin 3-ISA

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Socket7 Motherboard,  Baby-AT form Factor

three ISA slots and four PCI slots

Made in 1997 by BCM

onboard I/O, 9-pin serial, 25-pin serial, floppy and dual IDE

built around the Intel SB82437VX  430VX  Triton III  chipset

with a Winbond  W83877F  I/O chip

uses the standard AT-type power supply

comes with COM1:, COM2: and Parallel port cables

has an onboard PS/2 mouse connector but no cable is included

has onboard USB ports but no cables are included

comes with the full 512K cache

Comes with a 200 MHz Intel CPU and 64MB RAM

supports both 72-pin (EDO, SDRAM) and 168-pin (SB DRAM DIMM) RAM

optional fast shipping

USED but in good condition.  WORKING.

Upon Boot the board identifies itself as:


  • CPU:
  • Intel Pentium Family (P54C/CT/CTB/P55C) 75 - 233Mhz, Cyrix 6x86, 6x86MX And AMD K5, K6
    Intel ZIF socket 7 for CPU
  • Chipset:
  • Intel Triton VX 430VX Chipset and Winbond 83877F/AF I/O Controller
  • Cache Memory:
  • On Board 256KB or 512KB Sync. Pipelined Burst SRAM
  • System Memory:
  • Support both Sync. DRAM and EDO DRAM
    4 x 72 pin SIMM sockets on board for 4/8/16/32 MB, 70ns or Faster, FP/EDO DRAM Modules
    2 X 168 pin DIMM Sockets on board for SB DRAM(option)
    Support 8-128MB Memory Capacity
  • On Board PCI IDE:
  • 2 X PCI Bus Master IDE Ports(Up to 4 IDE Devices)
    Support PIO Mode 3 and 4
  • On board I/O :
  • 1 Floppy Port(up to 2.88 MB)
    1 Parallel Port(ECP, EPP)
    2 Serial Ports(16C550 Fast UART Compatible)
    1 Fast IrDA TX/RX Port shared with COM 2
    1 PS/2 Mouse Header
    1 AT Keyboard Port
    2 Standard USB Headers(48MHz)
  • BIOS :
  • 1M-bit Flash EPROM
    Award BIOS with Green and Plug and Play Function.
  • Expansion Slots:
  • 4 x 32 bit PCI Slots. (Include 1 shared)
    3 x 16 bit ISA Slots
  • Board size :
  • Baby AT Size: 8.6" X 9.9".

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