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Motherboard Pentium Socket370 eMachines eTower 366 107711 Florida-C 400MHz Acer

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Socket370 Motherboard

for the eMachines eTower desktop computer

very nice tidy little ATX-style motherboard

Model:  Florida-C

will work in most eTowers 533 or less, 366i, 400i, 433i, etc.

made  in 1999-02-03  19990203

Comes with Celeron 400 CPU and heatsink and good fan

should go as high as PIII P3 - 533MHz

Comes with 128MB RAM

built around the Intel 440LX AGPset chipset, FW82443LX, FW82371EB

and a Crystal CS4280-CM sound chip and ITE IT8673F-A I/O chip

and ATI Rage IIC AGP chip

(the Rage IIC is why the motherboards model has a -C in it,

the Florida-TG is the same motherboard but with a ATI Rage IIC Turbo Graphics chip,

no difference really, they are interchangeable)

2 ISA slots, 2 PCI slots

USED but in very good condition.  WORKING.

Motherboard as pictured only, no other cables, no manual, no software.

looks almost like new, very clean, all capacitors are flat top

BIOS:  AMI Florida 1.01


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