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Motherboard Pentium Dual Socket370 ABit-BP6 Celeron 466 MHz AGP ISA Award 440BX

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Dual Pentium Celeron Socket370 ATX Motherboard

FIRST (and best) motherboard to provide Symmetric Multiproccessing (SMP)

two ISA slots, five PCI slots and one AGP slot

Made in 2000

onboard I/O, 9-pin serial, 25-pin serial, parallel, floppy and dual IDE

built around the Intel 440BX Seattle chipset

with a Winbond W83977EF-AW  I/O chip

and a Highpoint HPT366 Disk controller !!!

and a S82093AA chip that may be a programmable chip for SMP control?

comes with two Intel Celeron 466MHz CPUs which is about the fastest available

the board is easily overclocked

comes with 128M of RAM

the onboard Highpoint RAID controller is amazing

and the custom Award BIOS has pages and pages of incredible parameters

optional fast shipping

USED but in good condition.  WORKING.

AWARD BIOS:  3/29/2000-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1SC-QQ

Heatsinks and fans included for USA and Canada ONLY
(can be included for extra shipping fee for other countries)

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old ZOZ-054-3515-5443

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