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Motherboard Pentium ASUS CUV4X v1.03 Socket370 P3 AGP AMR VIA VT82C686A AS99127F

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Socket370 Pentium Motherboard

ASUS  CUV4X  Rev 1.03

Comes READY-TO-RUN with Pentium III  CPU (at least 600Mhz)

and heatsink and fan and 256MB RAM

Has one AGP (and AGP Pro) slot, one AMR slot, six PCI slots

VT82C694Z VT82C686A AS99127F

USED but in very good condition.  WORKING.

no software, no manuals, no cables

these are great motherboards - we have sold more than 60 of these on eBay

scroll down to see detailed specifications

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The Asus CUV4X is a welcome addition to the Asus line of motherboards, with a flip-chip 370 socket for "Coppermine" Pentium III and Celeron-2 processors.  It has the VIA Apollo Pro 133Z chipset, and includes 5 PCI slots, 1AGP Pro slot, 1 ISA legacy slot, 1 audio modem riser (AMR), on-board Yamaha audio, and 3 DIMM sockets supporting PC-133 SDRAM.

  • Model:
    • Asus CUV4X motherboard
  • Processor Support:
    • Intel Pentium III up to 1.0 GHz
    • Intel Celeron up to 1.1 GHz
  • Chipset:
    • VIA VT82C694Z
  • FSB:
    • 66/100/133
  • Memory:
    • Three 168-pin DIMM sockets support PC-133/100 SDRAM
    • Supports up to 1.5GB MAX.
  • Expansion Slots:
    • 1 AGP
    • 5 PCI
    • 1 ISA
  • On-Board Audio:
    • AC'97 V2.1 audio CODEC
  • Rear Panel I/O Ports:
    • One Built-in Standard/EPP/ECP parallel port connector
    • One Built-in 16550 fast UART compatible 9-pin serial port connectors
    • Built-in PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse ports connectors
    • Built-in two USB port connectors
  • BIOS:
    • Award Plug and Play BIOS supports APM, DMI
    • Write-Protect Anti-Virus function by AWARD BIOS
    • Year 2000 Compliant 
  • Internal I/O Interface:
    • One Floppy port connector supporting up to 2.88MB floppy drive and 3 mode floppy drive
    • Two channels of bus master IDE ports connectors for up to four IDE devices
    • Built-in standard IrDA TX/RX header
    • Built-in Wake On Lan header
    • Built-in SB-LinkTM hearder
    • Built-in Wake on Ring header
    • Horizontal audio jacks
  • Form Factor:
    • ATX form factor. 12" x 8.25"
  • Note:
    The Asus CUV4X is voltage sensitive. If using a 1.0 GHz CPU, do not use the 1.75v processors. Use 1.7v.

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