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Motherboard Pentium AST 221630-007 234657-001 SBC 430VX

Motherboard Pentium AST 221630-007 234657-001 SBC 430VX

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Socket7 Pentium Motherboard

AST Model: Advantage 210

AST P/N:  234657-001  221630-007

Comes with 166MHz CPU and heatsink and fan

Comes with 32MB RAM

Comes with video and sound built-in

Used but in good condition.  Works great!

Just the motherboard, no manual, no software

BIOS:  02/05/97-i430VX-MC37C93-2A59GB3JC-00   AST BIOS 2.1

This is a nice motherboard for an SBC project.  It is about the size of a sheet of paper and it has everything, S3 video, two 9-pin serial ports, Parallel, floppy, two IDE ports (4 drives) Intel 430VX chipset, standard AT power supply connectors, and full Crystal sound.  The sound ports are on a separate little card that is connected through a ribbon cable that is 34-pin like a standard floppy cable so it is easy to move anywhere, and lets you keep the whole system only 1" high.  (if you get a low-profile heatsink and fan).

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