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Motherboard 486 SOYO SISauto ISA Overdrive Socket SY-020P1/P2 SY-020M Intel DX33

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SISauto  SY-020P1/P2 SY-020M
486 Motherboard
Made by SOYO in 1992
Intel DX-33 CPU in a Socket
will support all 5Volt 486/586 chips

The BIOS setup has pages of parameters, mouse-style interface.

Motherboard is 8.75 inches by 9.8 inches

Six 16-bit ISA slots and one 8-bit ISA slot

eight 30-pin RAM slots,

comes with 4MB of  RAM installed (max 32MB)

Comes with 128K of cache installed  (max 256K)

Just the motherboard, no battery, no manual, no software.

google  TULARC SOYO SY-020M  for jumper settings

BIOS:  AMI 30-0200-DH1102-00101111-070791-SISAUTO-F

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old ZOZ-056-8700

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