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InitIO INI-9100U PCI SCSI Host Adapter Interface Card Controller 50pin 50HD W103

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InitIO IN-9100U
PCI to Single Ended SCSI Host Adapter
PCI-UltraSCSI Bus Master Host Adapter
Interface Controller Card
Internal 50pin connector
External 50HD Connector

P/N:  W103-04  B9100UN
based on the InitIO INIC-950P chip
FCC ID:  L23INI9100U

the nice thing about this controller is that
it has a jumper/shunt that enables it to
share a SCSI bus with another computer!

Made in USA by InitIO Corp in 1999

USED but in good condition.  WORKING.

Just the card, no documentation, no software, no cables.

The INI 9100U host adapter includes an on-board configuration utility called the SmartSCSI Setup Utility. The utility is accessible during the system boot routine, after the Initio banner is displayed, by pressing <Ctrl>+<I> on the host system keyboard. The SmartSCSI Setup Utility is resident in the host adapter's Read Only Memory (ROM). The purpose of the SmartSCSI Setup Utility is to customize SCSI/BIOS-related parameters and perform low level SCSI disk formatting when required. Once the configuration is established the information is saved in on-board non-volatile memory which can be modified when necessary.

Note: Closing jumper JP1 sets active termination so it is always on. The setting is used when the adapter shares the SCSI bus with an adapter in another computer. If that computer can be turned off, closing the jumper will insure that active on-board termination is on all the time, regardless of whether power is applied or not.

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