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Informtech 486 Motherboard VLB VESA Socket3 DX4 16MB FOREX FRX46C521A IQS

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4X521 486 Motherboard


Very high quality Motherboard

Made by Informtech Industrial Inc. in 1995

BabyAT form factor, with six 16-bit ISA slots, three of which are also VLB slots.

And one 8-bit ISA slot.

Two 72-pin RAM slots and four 32-pin slots.

Comes with a 486DX4/100 CPU and heatsink and fan

Comes with 16 MB RAM

Comes with 256K cache

BIOS:  40-0G08-428005-00111111-080893-4X521-R

The 4X521 suggests that this board has some relationship to Spring Circle Computers

The 8005 AMI manufacturer's ID code indicates that the board was made in the USA

and the code is unlisted in the published AMI list so it seems that

the 8005 code does indicate Informtech Industrial Ltd.

Built around a single IC chip, the FOREX FRX46C521A and a small support IC, SEC KS83C206EQ

This motherboard is extremely well built and is like new.  WORKING.

USED but in very good condition. WORKING.

no battery, no software, no manuals, no cables

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