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IBM RISC System/6000 POWERstation server Operator Guide Manual Program Diskette

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RISC System/6000

POWERstation and POWERserver

Diagnostic Programs: Operator Guide Version 2.0


Diagnostics 1.A Boot Diskette          Part Number : 10G8758

Diagnostics 1.B Boot Diskette          Part Number : 10G8762

Diagnostics 2 Configuration              Part Number : 10G8766

Diagnostics 3.A Configuration          Part Number : 10G8770 (color and grayscale graphics display and graphics subsystem)

Diagnostics 3.B Graphics                   Part Number : 10G8774 (POWERgraphics GT# and GT4)

Diagnostics 4 Console Definition      Part Number : 10G8778

Diagnostics 5 Media                            Part Number : 10G8782 (Disk, Tape, Diskette, CD-ROM, and M-audio, capture and feedback)

Diagnostics 6 Communications         Part Number : 10G8786 (Token-Ring, Ethernet, 4-Port multiprotocol, X.25, etc)

Diagnostics 7 Async & I/O Devices  Part Number : 10G8790 (Async adapters, Parallel Port, keyboard, mouse tablet, dials and LPFK)

Diagnostics 8 Service Aids                 Part Number : 10G8794

IBM Product Topology Diskette

Diagnostic Test Diskette 2M byte     Part Number : 71F1248

Diagnostic Test Diskette 1M byte     Part Number : 71F1247

High performance Color Graphics Microcode Part Number : 91F1034 Version 1.3

Everything looks great, sounds great, and works great!

The manual is in prefect condition (no rips, tears, highlighting, etc).

You get 14 diskettes and the manual.

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