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IBM MicroChannel MCA BusLogic BT-646S/D 1002023-01 RevB Qlogic

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BusLogic SCSI MCA Adapter

Expansion Card for the MicroChannel Bus


this is the 646S single-ended version

1002023-01 RevB Qlogic

'narrow' SCSI

internal 50-pin connector, HPDB50 external port

for IBM PS/2 computers only

USED but in good condition.  WORKING.

Just the item as pictured, no software, no manuals, no cables, no faceplate


BT-646S/D SCSI Adapter for MicroChannel Systems
  32-bit bus master DMA transfers of up to 40MB/second across the MC bus, up to 10 MB/sec synchronous and up to 7 MB/set asynchronous SCSI data transfers. Support for up to seven SCSI devices, hard drives with up to 8GB capacity each. Enhanced SCSI-2 features: scatter-gather, disconnect-reconnect, and command-tag queuing 

BT-646x Host Interface Microprocessor
   A 20MHz Intel 80186 16-bit MPU is used to supply the speed for low command overhead. This MPU coordinates all activity on the BT-646S/D under the direction of the board�s firmware, including initialization, command decoding, interrupt generation, and control of the data flow among the board�s components.

Differences between and 646S and BT-646D
     BT-646S Single-ended active termination , BT-646D Differential termination 

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