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Hauppauge Video Cable Win/TV-Celebrity Win/TV-HighQ

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Hauppauge Digital Video Cable
Video Loop and A/V Input Cable
For the
Win/TV-Celebrity and Win/TV-HighQ cards

Has the following connectors:

1) 24-pin 3-row "D" connector goes to the Hauppauge Video Card

2) Stereo Sound Out (Silver Band, Black Shell)

3) Video1 (Yellow Band, Black Shell)

4) Video2 (Yellow Band, Red Shell)

5) Audio Left (White Band, Black Shell)

6) Audio Right (Red Band, Black Shell)

7) Luma Out (Black Band, Yellow Shell)

8) Chroma Out (Red Band, Yellow Shell)

9) VGA In 15-pin (goes to VGA video card)

NOTE:  We have several of these cables, and one of them is damaged,

so IF we are down to our LAST cable (ie. if QUANTITY=1)

then we may ship a cable that needs a new RCA plug for the Video1 line

(Cards and accessories are for sale in other ebay auctions)

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