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Cyrix MediaGX 266 MMX-S 5BMLP 5530 Cx5530 CS5530 Linux ISA PCI Tiny Computer

  • 18600

Satellite Express XLT

made by BroadLogic

Tiny System - size of a sheet of paper and 2" high

Runs on standard AC (100V-240V, 47-63Hz)

2 Serial, 2 USB and 1 Ethernet Ports

choice of ISA or PCI card slots

(has both slots but room for only one faceplate to the exterior

Will support any half-length ISA card (ie. up to 7" long)

Cyrix MediaGX-266 MMX-S CPU soldered on

Built around a CS5530 chipset

Has 1 laptop SODIMM and 1 168-pin DIMM RAM slots

Comes with 64MB RAM installed

Has a FlashDisk loaded with LINUX

BIOS:  01/28/2000-GXm-Cx5530-2A434A3DC-00

Motherboard is 5BMLP, 2030-16  890-00032-08

Computer:  2630 XLT  895-9991-01

Supports a standard 40-pin 3.5" IDE hard drive,

drive is NOT included, and the drive tray is missing

There is a 14-pin connector on the motherboard and we suspect that

 it has built-in video but you would have to add a connector?

We used a standard ATI Rage PCI video card (not included) to test the system

All-in-all this is a really cute and wonderful little machine,

it is a lot of fun, especially with LILO and basic LINUX built-in.

of course, you could reprogram the Flash for any other purpose.

Set-Top Box and Thin-Client

Just the basic computer, no cards, no cables, no software, no documentation.

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