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Corelis PC-1149.1/100F controller JTAG Emulator ISA A2 card AS00050001

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Corelis PC-1149.1/100F Controller

16-bit ISA Card


USED but in good condition.  WORKING.

Just the card, no documentation, no cables, no software, no packaging.

  • High Speed Programming of Flash Memory Through the IEEE-1149.1 (JTAG) Port
  • ISA Bus Compatible Card or PCMCIA Type II Card
  • Up to (4) Independent JTAG Ports with Memory Behind the Pin
  • High-Speed 16 Bit Wide PCMCIA or High-Speed ISA Bus Interface
  • User Programmable Test Clocks (TCK) with Speeds up to 25 MHz


The Corelis PC-1149.1/100F / PCMCIA-1149.1 Boundary-Scan Controller Module is designed to provide a user with a means of quickly and easily programming Intel Flash memory devices through the IEEE-1149.1 (JTAG) port. Commands and data are sent through the JTAG port to an on-board microprocessor connected to the flash memory device. These commands and data instruct the microprocessor to program the flash memory.

The Corelis PC-1149.1/100F is a high-performance ISA bus plug-in card that can be used in a desktop PC in a production environment to download program information into the flash memory. The PCMCIA-1149.1 can be used with a laptop in the field to download code into the flash memory. Both modules are supplied with a SFL written in 'C.' The user can develop additional higher level software applications and user interfaces if desired to customize the code downloading process.

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