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CD Driver and Utilities for VIA Chipset Mainboard Version RV3.11B Manual

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Driver and Utilities CD


for VIA Chipset Mainboard
Version RV3.11B

Only the CD.  No software, no cables, no computer, etc.


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    VIA Series MainBoard Driver CD (Standard) 


"*" = support Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/NT4/2000/XP

 Drivers & Utilities Revision Platform Location

 ------------------- -------- -------- --------

VIA Service Pack(4 In 1) 5.12A * .\Driver\Chipset\Via\Service

VIA V-RAID Software Package 5.40a */vista32_64 .\Driver\Chipset\Via\SataRaid

VGA Drivers:(Option)

 VIA(K8M800) display Drivers Win9x/ME .\Driver\Chipset\Via\VGA\KM800 Win2000/XP Winxp_64

 VIA(K8M890CE) display Drivers WinXP_64 .\Driver\Chipset\Via\VGA\KM890 Win2000/XP Win9x/ME

21.00.01d Vista

21.00.01d Vista64 

 VIA(P4M890/CN800) Win9x/ME .\Driver\Chipset\Via\VGA\P4M890

display Drivers WINXP_64

20.00.01e Win2000/XP

 VIA(P4M800CE/CN700) 22.00.01c Win2000/XP .\Driver\Chipset\Via\VGA\P4M800

display Drivers Win9x/ME Winxp_64

 VIA(P4M900) 20.00.01a Win2000/XP .\Driver\Chipset\Via\VGA\P4M900

display Drivers Winxp_64

21.00.01f Vista

  21.00.01f Vista64  

 VIA(CN896) display Drivers Win2000/XP .\Driver\Chipset\Via\VGA\CN896 Win9X/ME

21.00.01c Vista 

Audio Drivers:

 Realtek ALC65x/850 AC97 Audio 3.96 */WINXP_64 .\Driver\Audio\AC97

b_6231 Vista(32/64)

 Realtek ALC861/ALC888 HD Audio R1.67 */WINXP_64 .\Driver\Audio\HDA

R1.67 Vista(32/64)

 VIA AC97 Audio(Option) 5.90b * .\Driver\Audio\AC97\VIA8235

 VIA(VT1618) AC97 Audio 6.80B * .\Driver\Audio\VIA

 VIA(VT1708) HD Audio 3.20A * .\Driver\Audio\VIA

LAN Drivers:

 Realtek PCI Lan 6.63 * .\Driver\Lan\Realtek

(32/64) (optional) 6.190 vista 32/64

 Realtek PCI-E Lan 6.64 * .\Driver\Lan\Realtek

   (32/64) drivers  (optional) 6.190 vista 32/64

 VIA PCI Fash Ethernet 3.67 */WINXP_64 .\Driver\Chipset\Via\Lan

    Adapter(Option) 3.67 Vista(32/64)

 Realtek 8180 Wireless lan 5.112.1223.2002 Win9x/ME/2K/XP .\Driver\Lan\Realtek\Wireless\Driver

 Realtek 8180 Wireless lan      Beta            Win9x/ME/2K/XP .\Driver\Lan\Realtek\Wireless\Software

 ( Optional )

 Realtek 8169 Giga lan 6.41 */WINXP_64 .\Driver\Lan\Realtek\81xx



 Winbond HW Doctor W83697 3.1 * .\Software\Io\Winbond\W83697

 ( Optional )

 VIA USB2.0 VT6202 2.70 Win2K/XP/9X/ME .\Driver\Chipset\Via\Usb20

 ( Optional )  

 WarpSpeeder Win9x/Me/2K/XP .\Software\Clock

 ( Optional )


 WarpSpeederIII */Vista .\Software\Clock3

 ( Optional )

 Microsoft DirectX 9.0C */WinXP_64 .\Software\DirectX


 AMD's Cool'n'Quiet Software 1.081 Win9x/me/2k .\Driver\CPU\AMDK8

 AMD Athlon 64 Processor Driver WinXP/2003 .\Driver\CPU\AMDK8         winxp_64/2003_64

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