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ATI Video Basic Composite S-Video ISA Capture Card 68890 109-28500-00 EXM285

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ATI Video Capture Card

ISA Card with 2 Composite and 1 S-Video

P/N: 1022850100 506395  109-28500-00

Model:  Video Basic


Made by ATI in 1994

Based on the ATI 68890 chip

Crystals:  28.63, 40 and 35.46

USED but in good condition.  WORKING.

Just the card, no documentation, no software, no cables.

ATI Technologies began selling its Video Basic video-capture card in late June 1994, based on its 68890 capture chip and the Shared Frame Buffer Interconnect (SFBI) architecture jointly developed by ATI and Intel. The device will retail at USDlr249. Motion video is captured straight onto disk by the ATI 68890 chip at a rate of 30 frames/sec and with 160 x 120 pixels resolution.

VideoIT! (which we have for sale in another ebay auction)  is identical to a VideoBasic but it comes with a Intel i750 real time compression chip.  The ATI 68890 chip captures video at 320 by 240 pixels at 15 frames per second or at 160 by 120 pixels at 30 frames per second.  The card communicates with a graphics card over the bus and does not require a feature connector, ATI said. The card was originally shipped with software capture and editing program called MediaCapture.  Video for Windows 1.1 runtime is also installed with ATI's propritary multimedia driver interface called Timewarp.  Typically Win95 and Win98.

The ATI-68890 was the earliest computer-TV set video clip decoder computer chip.

May work with software from the Intel Smart Video Recorder. 

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