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720K Floppy Drive Epson SMD-400 3.5in with adapter kit SMD489M507-03

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Fully tested 720K floppy drive.  Used but like new.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about SMD-400 drives (and SMD-300).  It seems that the model number is not a reliable indication of 720K and 1.44 MB capacity.  Many SMD-400 floppy drives are 1.44 HD.  This one is definitely 720K.

I get the impression the the SMD-400 may refer to a series of drives.  This one also has a model number of SMD489M507-03.

The drive does not have a power connector.  It takes power in through the same 34-pin ribbon cable that the data moves on.  This drive has a 5.25" mounting kit and a adapter kit that provides standard data and power connectors so that it will work in IBM XT type computers. 

USED but in very good condition. WORKING.

Just the drive, no software, no manuals, no cables

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old ZOZ-030-7249

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