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486 Motherboard IPC MB486NP Ethernet 4 RS-232 Serial

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486 Motherboard with Everything

P/N PCB486NP&2#32,  MB486NP&GM

Made by IPC Corp in 1997

Fairly small - 12.25 inches x 8.25 Inches

Comes with a Kingston 486DX5 133 MHz CPU

Two 72-pin RAM slots

comes with 32MB of RAM installed

One expansion slot may be EISA but is meant for ISA/PCI Riser

Riser card is NOT included

Onboard IDE and Floppy

Onboard Video (CHIPS F65545)

Ethernet (AMD PCnet), Four (4) 9-pin Serial, Parallel all Onboard !!

AMI BIOS, 07/15/95, 41-1000-000000-00111111-071595-FINALI-F

Uses standard AT-type power supply

Has two battery-backed-up SRAM chips.

Just the motherboard, no manual, no software.

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