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486 Motherboard E486-25EX Made in Canada EISA DX JB-486 Phoenix Intel NG82357

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Vintage 486 Motherboard
Made in Canada by Magus Data Technology Inc.
in September 1990 (9035)

Baby-AT form Factor, Socket2 with 8 ISA/EISA bus slots
6 EISA slots and two 8-bit ISA slots
but one ISA slot is in line with the memory card so is for short cards only

Based on the Intel NG82357, NG82358-25, S82352 chips
not many 486 motherboards have Intel chips and Phoenix BIOS
16 30-pin RAM slots,
Comes with an Intel DX2/66 CPU , running at 50MHz
comes with heatsink and fan
32MB RAM and no Cache
maximum RAM is 64MB
requires custom cache module, not included, see strange connecter beside the CPU

Just the motherboard, no cables, no manual, no software.
We upgraded this to a coin-style replaceable CMOS battery
if the CMOS is lost you will need a 1.2MB 5.25" floppy drive
to boot and run a CMOS setup program  (not included)

we are including the original Diagnostic/Utility disk but it seems to be unreadable :(

this is a very rare example of one of Intel's first families of chips ("chipset")
and the very first EISA chipset.
this original 82350 Chipset -released May 1990- included just 3 chips:
82357, 82358-25 and 82352
so this motherboard has one of the only NG82358-25 chips
ever to be seen in captivity

Because this motherboard has about 30 chips in sockets (!!)
every 5 years, or so, it needs the chips to be re-seated

we were able to use a standard ATSETUP.EXE program to set the basic BIOS
and there is a AMISETUP.EXE on the 'web that can be configured to
do the EISA configuration, if you know what you are doing?

Used but in good condition.  WORKING.

BIOS ID:  Model JB-486  Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Ver 1.00.04

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