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386 Motherboard Biostar 1333/40PME-CH REV:B.2 386DX 386DX40 Bioteq 64K Cache

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BioStar 1333/40PME-CH  Rev:B.2  B2

386 Motherboard, made in 1992

Has 7 ISA card slots, one is  8-bit ISA and the other six are 16-bit

Comes with a 386DX-40, soldered on

Will handle 32MB RAM, Comes with 4MB RAM installed

Comes with 64K Cache installed, max 256K according to online documentation?

uses a socketed clock crystal that is easy to change to 45/50 MHz to play with higher speeds

based on the Bioteq AT40391 391 AT40392 392 chipset with a UMC UM82206L

search for the BIOS string or BIOSTAR MB-1333PMB-CH for more info

the BIOS has a built-in Hard Drive Utility that is very useful for low-level formatting and testing MFM/RLL/ESDI drives

USED but in good condition.  WORKING.

BIOS ID:  AMI  30-0201-D61223-00101111-050591-OPWB-F

Note a bit of 'burn' near the battery pins, a capacitor came loose when the battery

was pulled off and had to be resoldered.  everything works fine.

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